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Mentee Webinar Wednesdays

Mentee Webinar Wednesdays


Wednesday, October 25, 2017  @ 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time

How to Maintain a Busy and Profitable Mediation Practice
Karin Hobbs, IAM Distinguished Fellow

Are you wondering to market your mediation business? How and when do you hire a case manager? What qualities are important? What software is used? Is your calendar available online? What cancellation policies work and fail? When do you raise your rates? Do you charge by the day or by the hour? How much? How do you test your market? Whether you are a beginning practitioner or an experienced mediator, join the call and add your thoughts!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 @ 12:00 (EDT)
Reflections from a Successful Practitioner
Paul Iacono, IAM Distinguished Fellow